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GlobalSign Root CA R1

The root is primarily suitable for Server and Client Authentication, Secure e-mail, Code Signing and Timestamping, however the root itself is marked for all issuance policies and therefore can also be used for OCSP, Encrypting File System, IP Sec (Tunnel, User) and CA Encryption Certificate purposes.  All legal documents are located in the repository.  http://www.globalsign.com/repository/index.cfm  The root uses the same key material as the GlobalSign Root CA from the previous section.

Key extensions

-           basicConstraints: CA: true

-           keyUsage: keyCertSign, cRLSign


Example SSL/TLS certificate



Certificate File Information

GlobalSign Root CA (2028) DER.cer

(If supplied with this document)


Subject DN

CN = GlobalSign Root CA

OU = Root CA

O = GlobalSign nv-sa

C = BE


Serial Number

‎04 00 00 00 00 01 15 4b 5a c3 94


Subject KeyID

60 7b 66 1a 45 0d 97 ca 89 50 2f 7d 04 cd 34 a8 ff fc fd 4b


Validity time

Valid from         : 01 September 1998 12:00:00

Valid to             : 28 January 2028 12:00:00



SHA1    = B1:BC:96:8B:D4:F4:9D:62:2A:A8:9A:81:F2:15:01:52:A4:1D:82:9C

MD5     = 3E:45:52:15:09:51:92:E1:B7:5D:37:9F:B1:87:29:8A


URI to online CRL repository


URI to online location of the root